Fat Loss Tips- Coach Braden

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of people sitting in their homes with the same problem. The problem is very simply excess fat. Being a functional human calls for a “healthy” amount of fat. A healthy amount of fat can be observed very easily. Stretch your arms up and reach high for the sky. In this position the ribs outline should be visible. This does not mean a healthy level of fitness has been achieved by any means, but it is a start. If the ribs are not visible, there is an issue of excess fat. When googling “fat loss”, “how to lose weight”, and “how to get in shape” there are many different routes thrown onto the screen. Tons of quick fix tips. While the fat may slip off initially, this is not the natural or healthy way to lose it. The body was designed to move and burn the energy supplied to it. So, if the activity level is low, and calorie intake is high, we can safely say there will be an unhealthy accumulation of fat. Losing fat is simple, increase activity level and decrease calorie intake. The results will speak for themselves. This is not the fastest way, but it is the natural way. If losing fat is the goal, take two simple steps and make it happen.


Many people do not know how to work out. It’s safe to say there are people who have never done it. To these individuals the starting point should be walking. Just walk more. For a week try to walk a predetermined distance. The next week should be focused on walking more than the week before. It is not going to be a 180 degree jump. Patience is key to reaching the goals that have been set in this battle against fat. Getting into a gym and consulting a qualified trainer should be the priority, but first the individual has to take their goal seriously. Another great tool is an accountability partner. There may be a family member, friend, or co-worker who is looking for the same thing. This will give the goal a sort of deadline and supply the push needed to maintain a routine.

Be positive. This is the key to success. It is all a process which takes time. Keep a high head and a good attitude. The process of losing fat is difficult, and even facing the fact that there is a problem should be reason enough for a pat on the back. Then taking action is another. Every step should be reason to celebrate and this can be taken very literally. Getting through this transformation can be fun and exciting, or miserable. The best part is you get to choose which road is taken.

To anyone looking to lose fat and do so in a healthy manner, go get it done. Just like getting out of bed in the morning or taking care of that pile of dishes, it’s going to take some motivation but everything is possible if the heart is in it!




The time to start is now and we want to help you reach your goals!